Wolkenmeer - Regenwald  CD 2017

Beo - Wiedergeburt   CD 2008

Abu Naimah - I Like You, Because You`re Different CD 2009

Nörgelbuff Folk Sampler6 – Platte 1979

Red Roseland Cornpickers – mehrere Platten 1983-84

Lilienthal: Grenzenlos – Platte 1987                  Briefe – 1991

Jochen Vogel: New Light – 1990

Taters & Pie: Unforgotten Dreams

Achim Amme: Goldrichtig

Ganz Schön Feist: Ganz Schön Feist – 1991   Schön Schön Und Gar Nicht Teuer - 1992    Ganz Schön Live – 1993    Pille Palle – 1995   Gänseblümchen - 1997            Schöner Feister Ganzer – 1998    Öffne Dein Bewusstsein – 2000                                In Echt – 2001      Irgendwoanders – 2002

Stockfisch Records:

David Munyon: Slim Possibilities      Poet Wind     More Songs For Planet Earth          Seven Leaves In A Blue Bowl Of Water            Big Shoes

Sara K.: Water Falls       Hell Or High Water       Made In The Shade

David Roth: Pearl Diver           More Pearls            Will You Come Home

Steve Strauss: Powderhouse Road      Just Like Love          Sea Of Dreams

Paul Stephenson: Light Green Ball        These Days           Girl With A Mirror

Mike Silver: Solid Silver              Heaven In Mind

Alan Taylor: Colour To The Moon       Hotels And Dreamers         Leaving At Dawn

Chris Jones: Roadhouses And Automobiles

Ewen Carruthers: When Time Turns Around

Eugene Ruffolo: In A Different Light

Stockfisch Records: Closer To The Music

Dennis Kolen: Northeim Goldmine

Katja Maria Werker: Mitten Im SturmCarl

Cleves & Parissa Bouas: Halos Round The Moon

Werner Lämmerhirt: Eine Halbe Ewigkeit             Inbetween Times

Carrie Newcomer: The Slender Threat